Job Descriptions

These information sheets have been provided as a guide only and should not be used as substitutes for specialist advice. We try to keep them updated, however, this cannot always be guaranteed.

This factsheet provides guidance for writing a job description.  For more support contact your Independent Living Advisor.

A Job Description is a useful document as it can help you and your employee be clear about their role.  Having a Job Description can help prevent difficulties arising and can help resolve disputes.

A Job Description forms part of the Contract of Employment.

It should be drawn up before the recruitment process starts and given to each applicant so that they know what will be expected of them. It can also be used to help draw up a person specification, which will help your interviewing process.

If the work of a personal assistant is not fixed, it is important that the Job Description states that flexibility is required.

It may be better not to use the term ‘Carer’.  Instead use ‘Personal Assistant’ since this covers many support needs e.g. physical assistance, domestic help, emotional back up/encouragement. The term you use should be whatever you prefer to describe the role.

Please speak to your Direct Payments Advisor or telephone us if you would like support or consider adapting one of the sample job descriptions.

Sample Job Descriptions


The Personal Assistant will provide support in the following ways:

  • Preparing and cooking meals and other refreshements
  • Shopping - this will include shopping for food and assisting me when shopping for clothes.
  • Household tasks - general cleaning, washing clothes, ironing, cleaning windows and to help me maintain an adequate standard of living.
  • Help with mobility in and out of the home. I will need help getting to doctor and hospital appointments and leisure activities.
  • Personal care - help with washing, dressing and getting in and out of bed.
  • It is essential that the Personal Assistant has a flexible approach to tasks and to timing.
  • Changes to this job description will be discussed and jointly agreed.


  • Help with children.
  • in the morning: supervise the children getting ready for school (getting up if still in bed, brushing teeth, getting washed and dressed, having breakfast), prepare breakfast when required, prepare packed lunch when required, walking children to school to be on time (leaving home by 8.45 am to be there not later then 8.50 am).
  • in the afternoon: picking up children from school at 3.15pm or later if they have a club, preparing evening meal, serving the meal if required, clearing away and washing up when required.
  • Assist getting in and out of the bath (no lifting required), washing hair and drying out when needed.
  • Help with laundry, general housework (hovering, dusting).
  • Mopping kitchen and bathroom floor when required.
  • Occasionally help with shopping (no car required).


Overall Role

To support your employer with personal care needs and to accompany him/her on medical appointments, with the occasional pre-arranged overnight sleep-ins as necessary.

You will be responsible solely to the employer under the terms and conditions of the contract of employment.


The main duties are

  • To assist with personal care:- bathing, hair washing and dressing.
  • Driving to hospital and other appointments (for which a mileage allowance is paid).
  • It will also include an occasional overnight sleep-in. This will be agreed well in advance as it is in accordance with the work commitments of the lady's husband.
  • Other responsibilities that may arise from time to time.

Personal Specification.

It is essential that the post holder should be someone who:-

  • Will have a respect for confidentiality.
  • Has a current driving licence and access to the use of a car (Allowances will be paid for this)
  • Is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Will be flexible with work in a pre-arranged and agreed timetable.
  • Will respect independence and dignity.

It is desirable that the post holder should be someone who:-

  • Will have a sense humour
  • Is a non-smoker .
  • Is willing to learn and work on their own initiative.