Our Prices

Support Service Price List - from 4th April 2022

Please note the prices below only apply in counties where we are not the contracted provider.

Support Planning and Brokerage
Working with the customer to develop their support plan and in turn brokering the plan.

Level 1 - £450 - includes up to 7 hours support
Level 2 - £650 – includes up to 10 hours support
Over 10 hrs to be charged at hourly rate

Start-up support - £180 with managed accounts (MA), £330 without MA
To include advice and assistance with insurance, financial planning, creating a PHB budget plan, record keeping, monitoring and Managed Accounts set-up if applicable.

Employment support - £180 up to 3 Pas, £50 per PA after
To include advice and support on producing contracts of employment and responsibilities of being an employer, HMRC requirements, and the payroll service requirements (Payroll service advice includes advice on setting employee/s up on payroll, registering with the HMRC and help with relevant paperwork).

Recruitment support - £200 (plus £60 if online advertising is required, cost of advert plus £12 administration charge for magazine or newspaper advertising).
DBS - £75 per DBS check as required. Attendance at interviews - in person £70 per hour, virtual attendance £50 per hour.

To include advice on the recruitment of Personal Assistants, e.g. drawing up job descriptions, advertising, interviewing, DBS checking, seeking references, this includes the sending and receiving of application packs and collating them at our office for return to the customer.

On-going support packages:

BRONZE package - £180 per annum (compulsory minimum for PHB users)
To include access to all year round telephone/email advice (including advice on all employment related issues)

SILVER package -
£360 per annum – up to 5 hrs

Ideal for those individuals with a moderate package, 1 or 2 staff and may require further support.

GOLD package
- £660 per annum – up to 10 hrs

Ideal for those individuals with a complex package or high staffing level and additional support needs.

Over 10 hrs to be charged at hourly rate.

Miscellaneous support - £70 per hour for face to face, £50 per hour for desk based tasks
Assisting with monitoring requirements, paperwork, problem solving where the ongoing support package has been exceeded or where no support package is in place.

Please note that all the above is inclusive of travel time and mileage where applicable.

Payroll and pension processing
£12.50 per payroll run for up to 2 employees (£1.20 per additional employee)

Managed Account service
£17.50 per month for up to 5 transactions (£1.50 per additional transaction)
Optional: Prepayments cards £3.00 per month in addition to the above

Invoices will be raised quarterly in arrears.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

For a further explanation of what is included in each element or to create a bespoke package, please contact us on 01823 255905 or email info@compassindependentliving.org.uk.