Finding a PA/Recruitment

If you are going to use your Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget to employ a Personal Assistant you may need to advertise, interview and then select one. Compass Disability Services can support this in several ways:

It is often worth exploring free ways of finding a PA or recruiting.

  • Word of mouth, is often very successful
  • Advertising on the Job Centre website & Compass Independent Living website
  • Local shops, colleges, schools, hospitals often have notice boards or newsletters where you can advertise free of charge.

Please request support from your Independent Living Advisor if you require support with finding a PA/recruiting

We are able to place adverts with newspapers and Gumtree

We are able to act as an agent to send out application packs and receive replies from prospective employees. This way you will not need to give out personal contact details such as your telephone number or address until you have had a chance to vet applications.

Your Independent Living Advisor can support you to prepare for interviewing potential PA’s.  See our Interviewing information sheet. If you are interested in using any of these services please talk to your Independent Living Advisor or contact our Head Office.