Independent Living in Gloucester

Welcome to Compass Independent Living in Gloucester

Compass Independent Living is part of Compass Disability Services, a customer-led organisation providing services across several counties that aims to empower disabled people and carers to be independent and have choice and control in how they have their care or support needs met.

What we do
In Gloucester we are one of the contracted providers that can provide support and advice to service users in receipt of a Direct Payment; this includes a Payroll and Managed Account service.

Direct Payment Support Service
We can provide you with information and support on managing your Direct Payment. We do this by:

  • Supporting you to understand the care package that has been agreed to meet your assessed needs and how best to use the Direct Payment in meeting that need. For example providing advice and support on what it can and can’t be used for.
  • Advise and provide assistance on the recruitment and selection of Personal Assistants, e.g. drawing up job descriptions, advertising, interviewing and selection, DBS checking and seeking references, producing contracts of employment and responsibilities of being an employer.

For users of our Payroll service we provide the following:

  • Advise on how to set employees up on Payroll
  • A payroll run on a four weekly or monthly basis
  • Hours can be notified to us each time, either by phone, email, FAX, post
  • Automatically produced payslips if your personal assistants always work the same hours
  • A summary of the payments you need to make to the HMRC
  • Clear instructions on what forms you need from new employees
  • Preparation of P45s when employees leave
  • Completion of end of year returns
  • Advice on payroll related issues, such as holiday pay.

Managed Account Service
The Managed Account service is for people who are unable to open a separate bank account or who may need additional support managing their Direct Payment. We do not make decisions on how your money is spent but follow your instructions.

We can (with agreement from the council) - receive and hold funds on your behalf.

We will arrange to - pay all the agreed outgoings for your support/care from the money we hold on your behalf.

You will - retain full responsibility for the money and direct how the monies are spent.

Please see our information sheets for further guidance on Direct Payments.

Please see our Compass Independent Living - Useful Documents and resources

Am I eligible?
Check to find out.

Direct Payment Support and Payroll Service - you are eligible if you have been assessed by the social care team and have opted for a Direct Payment as a way of meeting your support needs.

If you have not had an assessment and think you may be eligible for an assessment then please contact Gloucester council (contact details below) or visit the website.

If you fund the care or support out of your own finances then you could use our services.

Managed Account Service - you cannot automatically have a Managed Account but if you feel that this would help you manage your Direct Payment then please contact us or your social worker.

How to contact us:

Our offices are open from 9 am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

01823 255905

01823 351790

Payroll team e-mail:
Managed accounts team
Online contact form: at

Postal Address: Unit 11-12 Belvedere Trading Estate, Taunton, TA1 1BH

Gloucestershire Council helpdesk

Adults: 01452 426868, e-mail:
n & Young People: 01452 426565, e-mail:

Contacting the Helpdesks out of hours
Outside of office hours (as stated above) you can contact Adult or Children & Families Services Emergency Duty Teams on 01452 614194.
This is an answering machine and you will need to leave a message and your telephone number. Someone will then call you back. Please remember that this number is only for situations that cannot wait until the next working day.

Useful Links:

Gloucestershire county Council – Direct payment